Monday, April 14

Profiling Kerry Washington's Style

Aside from Save the Last Dance - the first time I really paid attention to Kerry Washington was at the Sundance Film Festival.  It was another cold-ass day in Utah and my then boyfriend and I were sitting in a coffee shop where he was to meet with someone or other about something or other.  I was just a fly on the wall really, but when his meeting companion mentioned the name Kerry Washington, my ears perked up.

Saturday, April 12

Selfie Evolution

Since the dawn of the selfie - people have been taking pictures of themselves.  Even though they can't all be as glam as Kim Kardashian's infamous selfies, I'm sure this fairly recent notion of taking a picture of one self and posting it out to the world as if anybody cares, can be useful in teaching us many things about ourselves. It has for me at least. 

Thursday, April 10

The Glam Factor

MAC's Flat Out Fabulous

I never considered myself a stunner. Bombshell and vixen were not words I identified with.  In high school, close friends called me "Simple." It was a term of endearment that I embraced because it was an accurate description of how I considered myself. As I entered into my thirties, people still saw me as a teenager. I got carded mercilessly. Plus I continued to wear my hair in braids which didn't help things. My self-deprecating nature only made it worse. I just considered myself to be "cute." Which I never had a problem with. I took great joy in being the "cute" girl. A bit of a tease, yes. But generally pretty safe. At least that's how I used to see myself.

Tuesday, October 22

Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

Now that I have a kick-ass mixer, I can step up my baking game.  A few weeks ago I was inspired to make some Oreo cookie cupcakes.  It wasn't perfection - but I tried my best, had a lot of fun and they turned out sweet and decadent nonetheless. First I bought a package of regular Oreo cookies, then  I followed an easy chocolate cake/cupcake recipe, then I went to town with the chocolate frosting. Disclaimer: I did forget to crumble some cookie bits into the frosting - but we'll get 'em next time.  Full recipe below.